Whether its bridges, partial or full dentures -the service of our dental laboratory is available both during the week and at weekends. We offer immediate assistance in damaged or broken dentures helping you get your smile back as soon as possible.  
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Opening Times:
Monday till Saturday 8 - 18 
Centralbahnplatz 12, Basel
061 271 89 90 

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Dental Laboratory

We are able to react quickly and flexibly to the needs of our patients because of the direct connection between the dental laboratory and our clinic. Our patients benefit from the latest solutions due to joint further development between the hospital and laboratory supplies.Our goal is to make dentures or other tooth corrections look as beautiful as possible.Dentists and dental technicians can make arrangements with their patient and discuss the procedure together.
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Individual Adaptions

Our patients receive exclusive, customized solutions to meet their specific requirements.The dental technician can make a direct image of the patient’s lip interaction, tooth position and facial expressions in the clinic. First impressions are very important to create a balanced relationship between dentures and the preserved natural teeth since every prosthetic device is ultimately also a work of art.